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When niggas got you fucked up in class but you not ready to believe it.


Sheebani Jewelry Inspired Temporary Tattoos




Here are some photos to pass around.
” ‘Murica”

I feel sick.

no words


Saw this on fb and I could not help but laugh.







 The Kravitz Family


Talk about goals

Life Goals

Goals x2

Her hair in 5th picture
Anonymous: "If white people cant embrace black culture. That means black people can't embrace white culture. So no Viking tattoos, tarot cards, country music, runes, classical music, tattoos of gypsies, wine, beer, flamenco dancing, river dancing, plaid, ect."







The world wouldn’t miss those things at all anyways.  Besides Flamenco dancing is Spanish and has flourished through the Spanish Speaking countries so its reformed and loved in the culture.  FYI you can’t own a design in fashion.


May I add that this ignorant anon has no idea what they’re talking about. First of all country music evolved from gospel music made by none other than black people. Second of all if they’re going to claim ” tattoos of g*psies” they should know that g*psy is a racial slur used for the romani people who can be considered PoC. Lastly, the first evidence of wine being used was in China around 7000 BCE. But I’m sleep.


They got snuggies

Wait did he said CLASSICAL MUSIC? I’m sorry but black people made that too sooooo yeah.

Who the fuck would miss river dancing? That shit looks like a line of white people hopped up on coke with fire ants crawling up their legs. I think we can all agree y’all can keep that bullshit.

Lmao, white people wanna take back everything they “gave” us





Remembering Hispanic/Latino Victims of Murder/Police Brutality In America

Mark Salazar, 22 (Oklahoma): Killed on August 25, 2014 By Oklahoma City Sergeant Ryan Stark, Who Murdered Salazar After He Allegedly Killed Stark’s K-9 Agent, Kye, Who Police Gave A Full-Honor Funeral, While The Town Celebrated The Hispanic Man’s Death

OKLAHOMA CITY – A case that grabbed the attention of Oklahomans across the state is now back in the spotlight.

On Aug. 25, Sgt. Ryan Stark and Stark’s K-9 police dog, Kye, were involved in a high-speed chase.

Authorities say 22-year-old Mark Salazar led officers on a chase through Moore, Norman and ended along I-35 in Goldsby.

After crashing his car, officers say Salazar tried to run away but was caught by Kye.

At that point, police say Salazar repeatedly stabbed Kye before Sgt. Stark arrived.

“The canine officer made his way to the suspect’s location to pull the canine off the suspect and noticed the suspect armed with a knife and had been actively stabbing the canine,” said Capt. Dexter Nelson, with the Oklahoma City Police Department.

That’s when Stark opened fire and killed Salazar.

The next day, the K-9 officer died as a result of the stabbing.

Now, the case is back in the spotlight with the release of the autopsy by the Office of the Chief Medical Examiner in Oklahoma.

According to the report, Salazar was shot six times, four of those in the back.

Salazar’s death was ruled a homicide by the medical examiner, which means another human caused his death.

The McClain County District Attorney will determine if the manner of death was criminal in nature.

Click here to read the autopsy report from the Oklahoma State Medical Examiner.

The Salazar family attorney believes the shooting was not justified.

“He’s not a punk. He’s not a thug. He doesn’t have some extensive criminal background. Yes, he has a job.” said Noble McIntyre, the Salazar family’s attorney.

According to McIntyre, there are a number of things the police department got wrong the night Salazar was killed.

He says Salazar was suspected of stealing a car.

However, McIntyre says the car belonged to Salazar.

After the incident, police said Salazar was stabbing the dog when he was shot.

“We know the officer was in close proximity to the suspect when the suspect was stabbing the dog, which places the officer in great danger of the suspect,” said Capt. Nelson on Aug. 25.

The medical examiner’s report told a different story.

According to the report, the medical examiner investigator wrote the suspect was running away, an initial determination allegedly formulated when the investigator was out at the scene.

“Mark had been shot in the back multiple times from a distance. Not while he was on the ground wrestling with a dog, but as he was attempting to flee,” McIntyre said. “There was a larger concern about the dog than there was about the human life.”

In a surprising twist, the medical examiner’s office changed its mind on the idea that Salazar was running away.

In an email to the chief of police, the medical examiner said, “The gunshot wounds on the back of this deceased individual all have a clearly steep angle, downward trajectory and are highly unlikely to have been discharged while this man was running away from a person who was shooting.”

The police chief is expecting a change to the autopsy report and feels it is justified.

Source: KFOR

For images of the K-9’s funeral which most of Oklahoma City attended, click here. 

“Mark had been shot in the back multiple times from a distance. Not while he was on the ground wrestling with a dog, but as he was attempting to flee,” McIntyre said. “There was a larger concern about the dog than there was about the human life.”


I’m convinced the person who runs Denny’s Twitter page is black.





Look at what the fuck we got in the mail this morning. Less than a month away until the dopest cookbook ever drops.

Preorder your copy now or get left behind this fall.  

Don’t buy this book! This blog is run by corny white people pretending to be black by awkwardly inserting “motherfuckin” and “shit” in their recipes. 


Read Thug Kitchen: A Recipe in Blackface for a breakdown of their shenanigans, including the racist commercial they released to promote this racist book under their racist brand.

If you want an actual “thug” perspective on food that’s not a total mockery and actually stands for something, consider The Hood Health Handbook, written by actual black people who actually give a fuck instead of exploiting black culture for $$$.

"But what has remained historically curious is why is there often such an almost irresistible propensity of nonblack people not only to dabble in and slowly integrate bits of black culture into their repertoire but then also to try to slowly booty-bump us into the shadows (with appropriated and purchased bums at that). Stop trying to repackage black cool or trends as if it’s some sort of brand-new idea.” — Akeya Dickson, Thug Kitchen: A Recipe in Blackface